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Ciara is a busy woman. She’s working on a new album, getting into shape with the help of supertrainer Gunnar Peterson, and — most importantly — is a new mom! We caught up with Ciara to talk about life with her young son, Future, and how he’s inspiring her return to the studio. Plus, Ciara dished on her ongoing collaboration with Degree, which is called, appropriately, Do More. Source.

Ciara and Degree released press release about their new campaign and CiCi’s episode of MTV’s House of Style. They also mention that the singer’s sixth album will be released next year:

Back In The Spotlight: New Mom Ciara And Degree Women DO:MORE To Inspire Performance On And Off The Stage

Join forces to challenge women to work harder and never stop improving.

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J., Aug. 22, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Multiplatinum, Grammy award-winning musician-singer, actress and back-at-work mom, Ciara, is as dedicated and driven in the studio as she is in her personal life. She’s teamed up with Degree Women® – an official sponsor of this year’s MTV Video Music Awards – to chronicle the next chapter in her life on MTV’s House of Style as she works harder, trains longer and moves faster to get into peak performance shape. As she embarks on this journey, she relies on Degree® MOTIONSENSE® to work hard when she moves so she stays fresher longer.


“With the responsibilities of being a new mom, recording new music and getting into peak performance shape, I’m working harder than ever to DO:MORE,” said Ciara. “I’m on the move now more than ever ’ constantly pushing myself to improve ’ so I rely on Degree® MOTIONSENSE® because the more I move, the more it protects. I hope my hard work inspires other women to get out there and DO:MORE of what they love.”


Ciara is known for taking her high-impact, dance routines to the next level, providing her fans with unforgettable performances. During her episode of House of Style, viewers will follow Ciara’s journey as a performer and relive her most memorable moves. Ciara’s trainer also will share secrets from her workout as she works to get back into performing shape post-baby. To see Ciara kick off the next chapter in her life, tune into House of Style on MTV.com starting today Friday, August 22, 2014.


About Degree – New & Improved for 2014 New and improved Degree® MOTIONSENSE® is the only antiperspirant deodorant that releases extra protection as you move for long-lasting freshness. The exclusive MOTIONSENSE® technology releases bursts of freshness with every move you make, keeping you protected throughout the day so you can do more of what you love. It is the only antiperspirant deodorant that is activated by movement first so the more you move, the more it protects.


For more information, visit Degree at Facebook/DegreeWomen and Twitter.com/DegreeWomen. Log on to houseofstyle.mtv.com to see Ciara’s episode, airing today Friday, August 22, 2014.


About Ciara Ciara’s decade long career launched with the release of her debut album Goodies in 2004, which was certified multi-platinum by the RIAA and sold over 4 million copies. Since then, Ciara has continued to grow as a chart topping singer/songwriter/producer, with four of her albums debuting in the Top 5 of Billboard Top 200, including her most recent self-titled album, which featured the #1 Gold Certified single “Body Party.” She was once named Billboard’s “Woman of the Year” and has won numerous awards including a GRAMMY, various MTV VMAs, BETs Awards, Soul Train Awards. In addition, Ciara has turned into a fashion industry regular with her bold taste and flawless beauty, as well as a budding actress. Ciara is currently recording her sixth studio album to be released next year.

Ciara has always excelled at blending fashion and function with her onstage outfits. In this episode of ‘House Of Style,’ CiCi gives an inside look a how her team keeps her looking great. Source.

Via StyleBlaze.com: Ciara’s back! The Grammy Award-winning singer recently took a break to give birth to her first child, son Future Zahir, but the new mom is ready to get back to work while trying to master the balancing act between mommyhood and music. We recently sat down with the singer to chat about her ongoing partnership with Degree Women on their Improvers campaign. She also shared her post-baby fitness tips, what we can expect from her style as a mom and more! Read our full interview below. (Also check out our video interview with her pre-baby here.)

StyleBlazer: You’ve been working with Degree over a year now on their Improvers campaign. How did the partnership initially begin?
Ciara: It’s so cool because I always loved the deodorant even before I actually met everyone at Degree. They brought to me the cool concept of the campaign which is all about inspiring and encouraging women to do more of what they love and I was so honored to be a part of it because I respect the brand and I could relate to the message. I’m all about encouraging women to do more of what they love. I’m trying to figure out how I can work harder each day and achieve my goals especially now being a mom! I am really doing so much more now so it’s something I really relate to. It’s been really fun and cool and was an organic partnership between us.

SB: So what do you want to do more of now?
C: I definitely want to make sure I have the proper balance between mom and businesswoman. Now that my son is in my life, he is the most important part. When you have a baby, it’s about being on point, so it’s about having that good balance of going home and going to work. I want to be able to do everything at the highest level possible and with my music, I want to be able to go to an even higher place than I’ve been before.

SB: You’ve always been in the most amazing shape! So what are you doing now to stay fit post-baby?
C: I’m working with my trainer Gunnar Peterson and we train like five days a week for an hour each day. We do a lot of plyometric moving and weight training. It’s all about getting my core back strong because now my stomach is completely weak. Even my back has to be strengthened again because I carried so much weight. It’s amazing how your body goes through that full transformation and the change doesn’t happen overnight. It really does take a lot of hard work! I also eat five to seven small meals a day.

SB: How do you think your style will change now, if any, now that you’re a mom?
C: My style has definitely evolved over the years. I feel like I’ve evolved tremendously from the beginning to now because I’ve learned more about fashion. As a mom, I honestly don’t think you change anything. For me, I’m young. I want to make sure I stay young and fresh. Being a mom is a brand new thing in a spiritual way but from a fashion perspective, I think you stay true. If anything, I’m inspired to try new things because I’m in a cool place in life.

SB: You’re going to be on an upcoming episode of MTV’s House of Style. Tell us more!
C: It’s fun because we do a recap on my style evolution of some of my really cool performance looks. It’s really fun and funny because I also got to bring some of my team players who helped bring my vision to life. It was cool to reflect on the whole process of how we made those looks and how the ideas came together.

SB: What can we expect next from Ciara?
C: It’s going to be an amazing year and years ahead. I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface of what I’m capable of and I believe it’s going to be an incredible ride. World tour, launching my new album, new music, new sound, there’s a lot of cool things to look forward to.

SB: Any insight into your new sound?
C: It’s going to be special. Special’s the word.

Via Allure.com: Ciara is what we call in the performance world a triple threat: She sings; she dances; she acts. And now she can add hot mama to her résumé. The Grammy award-winning artist is truly inspiring, which is why Degree Women nabbed her as their spokeswoman for their Improvers, a campaign to motivate women to push their boundaries and reach their goals. I caught up with Ciara last week to find out what inspires her.

So, everyone at Allure begged me to find out about your fitness routine or else I wouldn’t be let back in the office. Tell me your secrets! “Aw, that’s hilarious! Thank you, guys. I work out with my trainer, Gunnar Peterson, one hour a day, five days a week. It’s a lot of plyometrics and weight training. We do things that cater to who I am as a performer—so keeping the stamina going, keeping my heart rate up, so that I’m prepared when I get onstage. It’s a really intense workout that’s all about targeting all those areas that need to be targeted.”

Do you like working out, or is it something you have to force yourself to do? “I love it! I couldn’t wait to workout after my pregnancy. I was like, Please tell me I can go back. Something about working out makes me feel like I can conquer anything and makes me ready to face the world.”

And your abs—they’re superhuman. Is there anything you do specifically to tone them? “You know what it is? Always hold in your stomach while you’re training. It makes a world of difference. We don’t do, like, 25 of this move and 25 of that move. It’s more about focusing on the overall body and having a good balance of cardio and squeezing your abs tight all the time while you’re working out. You do that and your abs will start to show.”

How does your background as a dancer influence your workout? “It’s a part of who I am. I’m very athletic, so dancing is athleticism in its own way. I think it’s just that natural thing of how you have to move—you have to move just as much when you’re training and, actually, even more when I’m dancing than when I’m training.”

I used to dance, and I’m always amazed how people can dance and sing at the same time. “It’s a challenge. But it’s a good one. And sometimes you have to sacrifice that move to hit that note. It’s about the balance of it all.”

Speaking of balance, do you have any guilty pleasures? “I love watching those reality housewife shows—I really do! I have, like, five of them on TiVo, and I rotate through all of them. I just sit there and get a good laugh from all of the crazy drama in their lives. It’s crazy because I could never have friendships like the women have on those shows. I don’t understand how they can argue that much. Gee whiz! But I guess that’s part of the casting, that you have all these different personalities. But it makes for good TV for me, and it’s just easy watching.”

I understand you’re going to be on an episode for MTV’s House of Style. That’s exciting! “Yeah! We just filmed a few days ago in Los Angeles. It was cool because we do a recap of the style evolution of my stage-performance looks. We brought in some of my team players, some of the people who help me bring my vision onstage. It was really fun—and funny! There are some really cool moments when you get to see the process behind how some of the outfits came to be.”

I’ve always been a fan of your style. How has it changed over the years? “Oh my god, tremendously! The thing is, when I was staring out, I loved fashion, and I loved clothes, but I didn’t really have the appreciation of the art and the process that I have now. I can look at some shoes or a shirt and sometimes say I know what collection they’re from. And, I’m more expressive; I’m way more open-minded, and I challenge myself more nowadays.”

Has anything changed about your style since you became a mom? “Nope! To be honest, I think you can’t overthink style. Being a mom, that’s just a part of who I am, and I want to keep the same edge. I want to keep it young and fresh and stay true to who I am. There’s no need to change.”

Do you have any style icons? “Carine Roitfeld. She’s very amazing and chic and powerful and just a cool lady. And her body is crazy! She takes care of her body very well.”

Tell me about Degree’s Do:More campaign and how you got involved. “About two years ago, Degree Women asked me to work with them on this campaign, which is about inspiring and encouraging women to do more of what they love. I was honored. It’s something that I really relate to because in my world, it’s all about figuring out how to juggle everything and still achieve my goals and to really do more, so the partnership was really an organic connection! And the cool thing is that I actually used the product before we started working together on the campaign. I’ve tried everything, and I’m really active, and once I started using Degree, it was a game changer for me.”

Who are some people that inspire your work? “Michael Jackson is my biggest inspiration. To me, he is the best to ever do it. And Sade, she is amazing onstage and performs so effortlessly. I love that about her.”

Your skin always looks so glow-y and golden. What’s your secret? “I like using only unscented lotion on my face. I also wash my face twice a day, try not to get too much sun exposure, and drink lots and lots of water.”

Any makeup tricks you swear by? “I put a very thin layer of concealer under my eyes when I feel like my face is looking a little flat. I dot it right underneath my eyes, on my T-zone, and between my eyebrows and it gives my face a natural-looking highlight.”

Your hair has been superlong and supershort. Which do you prefer? “Long. It’s so funny because my stylist Cesar [Ramirez] was saying he likes short because it’s so cool and edgy. But I’m a southern girl, and we like long hair, and we like lots of hair.”

Dark hair or light hair? “It depends! I like both equally. But I feel like when I color my hair, I have to either go blonde or dark, no in-between or else it doesn’t read onstage. It has to be a statement.”

And your nails always seem to be pristine. Is that a pet peeve? “Yeah, I always have to have my hands done. I think it’s important. And I’m really fortunate to have this amazing Japanese nail tech come to me, which is helpful being a mom. I’ve had to breast-feed and get my nail done at the same time to get ready for an event.”

Like Gisele! “Yes! That’s right. Work hard, moms!”

How do you keep yourself motivated? “By knowing that there are so many more goals that I want to accomplish. And I want to be one of the best to ever do it. With that being said, I’m striving for greatness, and because of that, I stay motivated. I won’t let off until I achieve most of my goals.”

What are some of those goals? “To do a world tour. I’ve done shows in almost every part of the world, but I still haven’t done my proper world tour, and I’m looking forward to doing that, and that will happen—I’m putting it out in the universe. I’m also looking forward to being the best mom I can be. I want to be able to balance being a businesswoman and a mom. That’s really important to me.”

CBSNews.com: As a new mom, Ciara has developed a bit of a routine lately: “I go from the mommy gym at home, which is a lot of moving around my son. Then I go to the real gym and then I go to the stage.” In between, she’s in the studio working on a new album.

The 28-year-old singer, who gave birth to son Future Zahir Wilburn in May with Future, says motherhood has been an “amazing experience,” though she didn’t comment on recent reports about a possible split with her rapper fiance.

“Honestly [it’s] the best thing ever,” Ciara told CBS News. “Definitely life-changing…For me it’s just been an amazing experience. And I felt that it was necessary actually the more I think about it and I’m enjoying it.”

What’s surprised the first-time mom is how everything’s come so naturally.

“I thought before I had to think about all these things,” she revealed, adding, “I found a way to find calmness with my thoughts and my curiosity about what motherhood would be like and now it really is just second-nature.”

When she’s not working out at home, Ciara is busy at the gym with her trainer Gunner.

“We probably train five days a week and we go for one hour each day…I definitely have to work even harder now because my body went through a whole change that’s unmarked, unfamiliar territory for me. So it’s really a cool challenge at the same time,” she said. “My goal is not to go where I was before — but to go even higher. Just try to push myself more.”

That’s the way Ciara tries to live life these days. She’s working with Degree Women for its Improvers initiative, which focuses challenges, working harder and pushing boundaries.

“It’s always about encouraging women to do more with what they love to achieve their goals,” she said. “And in addition to that just recently we also got to integrate that theme with ‘House of Style’ [on MTV] — doing a recap of my style evolution for my performance outfits — talking about how much movement goes into a performance…the clothing being durable for the stage and how you have to work really hard to pull your visions off.”

As for her own style, Ciara says she likes to choose clothes depending on how she feels that day.

“I used to over-think things with fashion and now I don’t over-think them,” she said. “I’m just like, ‘Be free. Have fun. Experiment more and be open-minded. I think that’s the key to fashion is being open-minded. I’m a big fan of wearing the colors white and black and red every now and then. Sometimes you can push yourself to try something else.”

Meanwhile, Ciara is working on a new album, the follow-up to her 2013 self-titled release. For the upcoming set, she’s teaming with songwriter/producer Dr. Luke (Katy Perry, Pink, Avril Lavigne).

“It’s been so much fun,” Ciara said about their sessions. “It’s a moment for me as an artist because I’ve always loved and respected him as a producer and a writer…We both have so much love and respect for each other from a creative perspective that it makes this experience really cool.”

She didn’t reveal too much about the sound, but did say it’s “special” and that the lyrics will reflect what’s going on in her life. “I’m even more open and more free in how I express myself musically. I just want to continue that theme. I think music is about marking time and moments in my life. So I’m definitely going to express and share some really cool energy that’s happening right now,” she said.

There’s no official word on when the new project will surface. “In my mind, I do [have a timeline]. But I don’t really want to put too much of a timeline on the creative process…It will tell you when it’s time,” said the Grammy-winning singer behind such songs as “Goodies”, “1, 2 Step” and “Oh.”

“I am just blessed to have been here for over a decade now and knowing that I still have yet to reach my peak,” she said.

As for the rest of the year? She’ll be plugging away on that new album.

“I’m living in the music, being free in the music and having fun and living life to the fullest,” she said.

Ciara stops by the studio to talk about motherhood, her evolving fashion, working on new music and her partnership with Degree’s Do More Campaign:

Ciara’s answering the questions right now! Join in @DegreeWomen! We will keep updating this post with Q&A:  The chat is over. You can read all Q&A below:

C Thanks for having me today! Always a pleasure to talk #DOMORE with my fans!

@Lady_Key4 @ciara what is one place in the world you love to visit the most?
I would love to go on a Safari in Tanzania

@YeahItsYara If dance and music didnt exist, what do you think you would be doing ?
This is what I’m supposed to be doing! There is no other option for me

@_TeamCIARA Are there any dance styles you haven’t done but want to
I would love to do salsa

@LoveSportsMom @ciara Dancing a passion always in your life? Who would you like to collaborate with next?

I am still dreaming of collaborating with Queen Janet

@KissMyKAPOW @ciara when can we expect to see new material from this next album?
When the music says it’s time.

@olivetulips Q for C: what makes you feel like a winner? awards, family, dancing?
All Three!

@IAmDayDay_What is your favorite music video that you’ve done?
One of my favorites to date is Got Me Good

Ciara, what’s your #1 tip for getting back into shape after having a baby?
Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, set your goal and just commit to it

Ciara, what was the first dance move you ever mastered?

Ciara, when did you first start dancing and how did you get into it? DOMORE

Ciara, which king of pop would you rather dance with: #MJ or #JT? #DOMORE
I love both. I can’t choose between the two.

Ciara, being a busy, new Mom where do you find motivation to get up and work out?

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